Master your sales pipeline & commission management.

Elevate your sales strategy and reward system with precision. Numerik's comprehensive solution streamlines pipeline management and commission tracking, directly linking your team's sales efforts to tangible rewards.

Numerik helps sales teams master their sales pipeline and commission management in a single, easy to use platform

Transform sales pipeline management and commission tracking.

In the fast-paced world of sales, clarity and motivation are key. Numerik revolutionizes how sales teams manage their pipelines and track commissions, ensuring every effort is recognized and rewarded.

Integrated pipeline oversight

Achieve seamless visibility across your sales pipeline. Track progress, identify bottlenecks, and forecast with accuracy, all from a unified platform.

Automated commission calculation

Remove the guesswork from commission tracking. Automate calculations based on real-time sales data, ensuring accurate and timely rewards for your team.

Insightful performance analytics

Leverage detailed analytics to monitor sales trends, rep performance, and commission outcomes. Use these insights to make informed strategic decisions and boost morale

Use Numerik to optimize your pipeline management for increase sales revenue


Optimize pipeline management for increased sales revenue.

Command your sales operations with strategic oversight. Empower your managers and reps with the tools they need to excel, backed by data-driven insights that highlight opportunities for growth and improvement.

Strategically manage your sales pipeline for optimal flow and efficiency.

Foster a culture of achievement with transparent and equitable commission tracking.

Utilize analytics to fine-tune sales strategies and commission structures, driving performance and satisfaction.

Numerik helps sales reps earn more with real-time commission tracking and sales analytics

For sales reps

Earn more with real-time commission tracking and sales analytics.

Navigate your sales pipeline with precision, focusing on the most lucrative opportunities.

Track your commission earnings in real time, understanding exactly how your efforts translate into rewards.

Stay motivated with a clear path to achieving and exceeding your sales targets.

Numerik's Goalcards make it easy for you to set up targets and measure against them in an instant
Excellent tool. I use it several times daily! Never had such a transparency in numbers! Sales excellence x 2!
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Features that drive success.

With Numerik, managing your sales pipeline and commissions has never been easier or more effective.

Real-time pipeline visualization
Gain instant clarity on your sales pipeline's health, with the ability to drill down into individual deals, stages, and rep performance.
Transparent commission tracking
Keep your sales team motivated with clear, transparent access to their commission earnings, updated in real time as deals close.
Customizable commission plans
Tailor commission plans to fit your business goals and sales strategies, ensuring alignment and incentivizing the behaviors that drive success.
Proactive alerts and reminders
Stay ahead with alerts and reminders, keeping your team focused and on track.


Can Numerik be customized to fit specific business goals and sales strategies?

Absolutely. Numerik allows for the customization of commission plans to align with your business goals and sales strategies. This ensures that your sales team is incentivized in ways that drive the behaviors leading to success.

How does Numerik contribute to a sales team's motivation and morale?

Numerik automates the commission calculation process, removing the guesswork and ensuring accurate, timely rewards for your team. It uses real-time sales data to calculate commissions, promoting transparency and motivation among sales reps.

Is Numerik suitable for all sizes of sales teams and organizations?

Yes, Numerik is designed to cater to sales teams and organizations of all sizes. Its scalable features, from pipeline management to commission tracking, can be tailored to meet the needs of small teams as well as large enterprises.

How does Numerik ensure the accuracy of commission calculations?

Numerik leverages automated commission calculation mechanisms that utilize real-time sales data, ensuring that commission calculations are accurate and reflect the latest sales activities. This automation minimizes errors and ensures timely recognition of sales efforts.

Can Numerik help in forecasting sales and identifying sales trends?

Yes, Numerik provides insightful performance analytics that monitor sales trends, rep performance, and commission outcomes. These analytics allow sales leaders to make informed strategic decisions, boost morale, and fine-tune sales strategies for optimal performance.

Numerik: The Ultimate Field Sales App for Maximizing Team Productivity & Performance

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