Transform your sales data into winning strategies.

Leverage your sales data like never before with Numerik to turn insights into action and propel your sales team ahead.

Transform your sales data into winning strategies

Unlock the untapped potential within your sales data.

The difference between meeting and exceeding sales targets lies in the power of actionable insights. Numerik's real-time data-driven sales insights transforms complex sales data into clear, actionable strategies, enabling your team to make informed decisions that drive success.

Real-time data-driven insights for strategic sales growth.

Drive sales strategy

Real-time data-driven insights for strategic sales growth.

Real-time forecasting updates

With forecasts that update in real time, Numerik ensures you're always informed about your current standing and projected outcomes, allowing for proactive strategy shifts to meet and exceed sales targets.

Data-driven sales projections

Numerik's projections are not just guesses; they're based on data-driven indications of current sales trends. This insight allows sales teams to understand their likely end-of-period results and adjust their approaches accordingly.

Strategic target management

Numerik provides a platform to set and manage bite-sized sales targets, giving a clear view of performance against objectives. This enables teams to identify areas that need attention and strategize effectively to bridge any gaps.

Performance enhancements

Use Numerik to detect the strategies that drive success within your team. Apply these winning tactics broadly to boost overall performance and ensure best practices are followed.

Instant progress monitoring

Numerik's live dashboard keeps you constantly updated on your team's trajectory toward quarterly goals. This immediate insight allows for timely interventions to correct course and achieve desired sales outcomes.

Agile sales strategies

Swiftly navigate market changes with proactive adjustments and real-time strategy optimization.

Data-driven sales coaching

Enhance team performance with insights tailored to individual strengths and areas for improvement.

Strategic sales optimization

Allocate efforts and resources where they'll yield the highest sales returns, informed by deep analytics.
Boost your sales performance with actionable data insights.

Empower your selling

Boost your sales performance with actionable data insights.

Strategic sales prospecting

Numerik’s insights bring high-value leads to the forefront, sharpening your focus on the deals that matter most and optimizing your sales efforts.

Understand customer buying behaviors

Tap into a deeper understanding of your customers' behaviors and preferences with Numerik, crafting pitches that resonate and drive conversions.

Track personal sales performance

Stay motivated with Numerik’s instant visual feedback on your progress towards targets, fueling your ambition to outperform expectations.

Spot opportunities for upselling

Spot upselling avenues with Numerik’s detailed customer data, identifying additional products or services that benefit your clients and enhance your sales volume.

Stay informed with real-time alerts

Keep your finger on the pulse with Numerik’s real-time notifications, ensuring you're ever-responsive to new opportunities and aligned with dynamic sales goals.

Customized customer engagement

Deploy strategies precisely shaped by in-depth customer insights for more meaningful connections.

Prioritized task management

Streamline your daily workflow with smart, prioritized lists that ensure critical follow-ups never slip through the cracks.

Real-time achievement recognition

Highlight and celebrate every milestone with instant recognition, motivating continued excellence and growth.

Your sales data, smarter and simpler.

Numerik refines the conversion of extensive CRM and ERP data into strategic insights, streamlining reporting and freeing up more time for what truly counts – selling.

Seamless integration

Numerik connects with your existing systems, gathering real-time sales data without you lifting a finger.

Smart analysis

With the power of advanced algorithms, Numerik quietly works in the background, deciphering trends, patterns, and unlocking opportunities.

Ready-to-act insights

Instantly accessible, actionable insights are served up in intuitive dashboards and reports, designed for swift, informed decision-making wherever you are.

Transform your approach with Numerik.

Numerik revolutionizes the way sales teams interact with their data, turning every byte of information into a strategic asset. From enhancing sales performance to refining forecasting accuracy and identifying key opportunities for growth, Numerik provides the tools your team needs to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Sales Performance & Productivity

Elevate sales productivity with streamlined workflows and strategic insights.

Sales Pipeline & Commissions

Link sales efforts to rewards with transparent pipelines and commission tracking.

Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Boost customer loyalty with personalized engagement and dynamic rewards programs.

Team Culture & Engagement

Cultivate team spirit with collaborative tools and instant recognition.


What is Numerik?

Numerik is a revolutionary platform designed to transform your CRM, ERP, and BI data into actionable sales insights, enabling sales teams to not just meet, but exceed their targets. By leveraging advanced analytics, Numerik turns complex sales data into clear, strategic paths forward, empowering your team with the insights needed to drive success.

How does Numerik enhance data usage?

Numerik enhances existing data usage by integrating seamlessly with your existing systems, analyzing your sales data with advanced algorithms, and delivering actionable insights through user-friendly dashboards and reports. This process uncovers untapped opportunities within your CRM, ERP, and BIdata, transforming them into actionable strategies.

Can Numerik improve sales forecasting accuracy?

An engaged sales team is more proactive and productive, taking more sales notes, making more calls, and diligently following up on leads. Numerik's real-time insights and motivational tools lead to a more dynamic sales approach, where reps are quick to identify and act on sales opportunities, resulting in a tangible increase in sales performance and target achievement.

How does Numerik help sales managers?

For sales managers, Numerik offers data-driven insights to drive sales strategy, optimize forecasting, enhance team performance, and monitor progress in real time. It enables managers to quickly adapt strategies based on market conditions, provide personalized coaching, and strategically allocate resources for maximum impact.

How user-friendly is Numerik?

Numerik is built with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive dashboards and reports are designed to present complex data in an accessible format, making it easy for both sales managers and reps to derive value from the platform without extensive training.

Numerik: The Ultimate Field Sales App for Maximizing Team Productivity & Performance

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