Task Management

Cut through the clutter of generic task management tools with Numerik’s To-Do List, designed specifically with data-driven sales professionals in mind. It's not just about listing tasks; it's about integrating actionable sales insights directly into your daily workflow.

Achieve your sales goals on-the-go with Numerik

Streamline your sales tasks on-the-go.

Transform how you manage your daily sales activities with a to-do list built for the fast-paced sales environment.

Forget sifting through a billion generic to-do list options. Numerik’s To-Do List is crafted for sales reps who need to stay ahead in the game, whether they're in the office or on the road. It’s about giving you and your team a brilliantly simple way to nail task management, integrating seamlessly with your sales data for a truly organized day.

A To-Do List Made for Sales Reps

Discover the features that make Numerik’s To-Do List indispensable for managing sales tasks with efficiency and precision.

Instant Overview

View tasks for today, tomorrow, and the next five days at a glance, ensuring you're always prepared.

Follow-Ups at a Glance

Easily see your follow-up tasks, making sure no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Snooze Functionality

Swipe left to snooze tasks, giving you flexibility in your busy schedule.

Effortlessly manage your day

Easily Add and Prioritize Tasks for Maximum Efficiency

After any sales call or customer interaction, swiftly add tasks, opportunities, or follow-ups to your agenda. Numerik’s integration allows for tasks to be created on your personal to-do list or automatically synced from customer notes, streamlining your task management process.

Smart time management

With a clear view of your week, you can quickly identify urgent tasks, snooze less critical ones, or adjust your schedule as needed.

Task prioritization

Know at a glance where to focus your efforts with tasks categorized by low, medium, or high priority, aligning your daily activities with your sales goals.

complete toolkit in one app

The Ultimate App for Sales Rep Productivity

Numerik consolidates all your sales tools—goal tracking, forecasts, customer insights, notes, commissions, and now, your to-do list—into one comprehensive app. This integration means you have everything you need to drive sales, right in your pocket, eliminating the need to juggle multiple apps or platforms.

Greg Allbut, Sheffield Group
We have varying skills across the sales team, along with many levels of experience around use of technology. We recently adopted other software, and we had to develop a detailed change and launch plan that will take time to embed. However, the Numerik uptake was quick, clean and simple, because the team found it so easy to use, they all just started using it.
Daniel Roberts
Tradelink, National Sales Manager
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– 11 Nov, 2023
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How does Numerik differentiate from traditional CRMs in managing sales targets and forecasts?

Numerik is designed with the sales rep in mind, focusing on actionable, on-the-go sales enhancement, unlike CRMs, which are often more suited to managerial oversight and analysis.

What makes Numerik's forecasts smart?

Our forecasts are generated from a blend of historical performance data and current trends, offering realistic and adaptable insights into future sales outcomes.

How does real-time feedback influence sales results?

Real-time feedback empowers sales teams to adapt swiftly to changing conditions, ensuring they're always aligned with their targets and maximizing opportunities for success.

Can targets be customized for specific needs within Numerik?

Absolutely. Targets can be set for various objectives, from revenue and profit to specific customer engagement goals, offering unparalleled flexibility to drive focused sales efforts. Learn more about setting up targets here.

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