Achieve your sales goals on-the-go with Numerik.

Harness the power of mobile, real-time insights to not only reach but exceed your sales targets with Numerik, the field sales professional's secret weapon.

Achieve your sales goals on-the-go with Numerik
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Achieve your sales goals on-the-go with Numerik

Optimized workflows

Numerik smoothly integrates into your existing ecosystem, enhancing productivity without disrupting daily activities.

Insightful analytics

Dive into actionable insights to outperform sales targets, leveraging our advanced analytics for strategic wins.

Smart decisions

Empower your leadership with immediate, data-backed decisions to drive your team towards success.

Efficiency boost

Streamline your sales process, eliminating bottlenecks and focusing on what your team does best: sell.

Deeper connections

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers through unparalleled insights, fostering stronger relationships.

Winning sales culture

Encourage a competitive yet collaborative sales environment, inspiring your team to achieve and exceed their goals.

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The difference Numerik can make

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Empower sales teams to surpass their sales goals

hit your sales targets

Empower teams to surpass sales goals.

Numerik equips sales teams with the tools and insights needed to not just meet, but exceed their sales targets effortlessly. It transforms ambitious goals into achievable milestones through strategic guidance and motivation.

Spot sales gap opportunities

Utilize Numerik's to uncover untapped revenue opportunities across various territories.

By identifying these gaps, your team can strategically target areas for growth, optimizing sales efforts and increasing market penetration.

Adjust sales strategies in real-time

Stay agile with Numerik, enabling your team to quickly adapt their sales strategies in response to changing market dynamics.

This flexibility ensures your team remains competitive, responsive, and capable of seizing opportunities as they arise.

Boost sales rep performance

By providing your sales reps with the information they need to make informed decisions, you empower them to focus their efforts more effectively, enhancing productivity and strategic sales outcomes.

boost sales team performance

Enhance individual and team sales strategies with actionable insights.

Numerik revolutionizes sales approaches, melding data with intuitive tools to elevate individual and team performance. Beyond achieving targets, it sets new benchmarks and inspires confidence in reaching them.

Optimize workflows

Simplify daily operations to ensure your sales reps can concentrate on what truly matters—engaging with clients and securing deals.

Numerik's streamlined process reduces time spent on administrative tasks, maximizing time for sales activities.

Celebrate achievements

Create a dynamic and encouraging work environment with Numerik's gamification features and real-time recognition.

Celebrate every win, big or small, to maintain high morale and motivate your team to aim even higher.

Access data seamlessly

Equip your sales reps with immediate access to the latest data, wherever they are.

With Numerik, informed decision-making is just a tap away, ensuring your team can adapt and respond to sales opportunities with agility and precision.

Enhance individual and team sales strategies with actionable insights.
Forge stronger, more meaningful connections

know your customers

Forge stronger, more meaningful connections.

Numerik delivers deep insights into customer behaviors, equipping sales teams with the knowledge to build personalized and impactful customer relationships. It turns every interaction into an opportunity for lasting engagement.

Understand spending behaviors

Arm your sales team with in-depth analytics that reveal each customer's purchasing patterns, enabling them to tailor their sales approach to meet individual needs and preferences effectively.

Personalize interactions

With Numerik's rich customer insights, tailor every sales conversation to resonate more deeply with each customer, significantly enhancing satisfaction and fostering loyalty.

Strengthen bonds

Use Numerik's strategic insights to ensure your sales efforts are perfectly aligned with customer expectations.

This alignment not only builds trust but also cements long-term loyalty, turning customers into advocates for your brand.

Greg Allbut, Sheffield Group

Numerik helped motivate and focus the team to achieve their targets in a structured way. We got visibility of customer activity across 80 product groups and 8,000 product lines, which helped our sales reps get a better understanding of a client's buying patterns. Armed with this understanding, we got a positive impact on sales.

Greg Allbut
Sheffield Group

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"The whole app is gamified - It is addictive, effortless and best for forecasting and sales analysis."

Sree Vignesh S.

Sales Executive

"It's a great tool to visually see how your sales are tracking, by month & year."

Mike C.

Key Account Manager

"Very easy to use, easy features and really clear cut detail on forecasting buyer trends & customer purchases specifically."

Jordan M.

Commercial Account Manager

"Viewing my sales $$ and forecasting and seeing monthly, and yearly targets."

Charlie B.

Sales Account Manager

"It's amazing how quickly you come to rely on it!"

Fraser W.

Area Sales Representative

"Tons of excellent features and just super easy to use."

Alex P.

Account Manager

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