Maximize your tech stack potential with Numerik.

Leverage your sales data like never before with Numerik to turn insights into action and propel your sales team ahead.

Transform your sales data into winning strategies

Seamlessly integrate Numerik with your existing ERP and CRM systems.

Having immediate access to your data isn't just convenient—it's essential for staying ahead. At Numerik, we understand that integrating seamlessly with your existing ERP and CRM systems is critical to unlocking the full potential of your sales data.

Our platform is designed to complement and enhance your current tech stack, ensuring that Numerik acts not as a replacement but as a powerful ally to your existing systems.

Complete picture
Boost CRM and ERP adoption with Numerik, designed to capture the essential data missing from your customer lifecycle, thus creating a holistic view of your sales activities.
Tailored data flow
Customize which data points matter most to your business and ensure they flow directly between Numerik and your system of record.
Empowerment in the field
Your sales team can prospect, manage meetings, and engage customers on the move, ensuring no disruption to their workflow.

Systems Compatability

We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate with a wide array of ERP systems, making your data truly accessible and actionable. Our in-house team specializes in providing smooth integrations with popular ERP platforms including these below, and more!

BlastOneSheffield GroupTradelinkTradelinkTradelinkTradelinkTradelinkTradelinkTradelinkTradelinkTradelinkTradelinkTradelinkTradelink

If your ERP or CRM system isn't listed, don't worry. Our commitment to flexibility means we're always ready to explore new integration possibilities. Thanks to our public API, we can partner with virtually any software, ensuring that Numerik fits perfectly into your sales ecosystem.

Versatile integration solutions

Understanding that every sales team has unique needs, Numerik offers a variety of integration methods to ensure a seamless flow of data between our app and your systems. Our flexible integration solutions include:

API: Direct, real-time data exchange for up-to-the-minute insights.
FTP Secure File Drop: A secure method for transferring bulk data efficiently.
Email Droporter: An easy-to-use solution for automated data capture via email.
Manual Data Upload: A simple, user-friendly option for manual data entry.

Transform your approach with Numerik.

Numerik revolutionizes the way sales teams interact with their data, turning every byte of information into a strategic asset. From enhancing sales performance to refining forecasting accuracy and identifying key opportunities for growth, Numerik provides the tools your team needs to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Sales Performance & Productivity
Elevate sales productivity with streamlined workflows and strategic insights.
Sales Pipeline & Commissions
Link sales efforts to rewards with transparent pipelines and commission tracking.
Customer Engagement & Loyalty
Boost customer loyalty with personalized engagement and dynamic rewards programs.
Team Culture & Engagement
Cultivate team spirit with collaborative tools and instant recognition.
Numerik: The Ultimate Field Sales App for Maximizing Team Productivity & Performance

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