Sales Targets & Forecasts

We place your reps' goals at the forefront, offering real-time updates and the agility to adjust strategies on the go, ensuring they're always on the right track to exceed their numbers.

Achieve your sales goals on-the-go with Numerik
Achieve your sales goals on-the-go with Numerik

Empower your sales team with dynamic sales targets and forecasts.

Unlock the full potential of your sales team with simplified, accurate forecasting and target setting.

Setting and meeting sales targets is pivotal to any sales strategy, but traditional methods can be inflexible and disconnected from daily realities. Numerik transforms this process with AI-driven forecasting and real-time tracking, providing a clear, actionable pathway to success. Our platform makes setting targets and forecasting not just easy but integral to daily sales activities, encouraging more focused and motivated reps.

Innovative Approach to Sales Goals

Discover the core features that make Numerik an indispensable tool for managing sales targets and forecasts.

AI-Powered Sales Forecasts

Leverage artificial intelligence to gain a data-driven outlook on your team's performance, with the flexibility for reps to adjust forecasts based on real-time sales activities.

Real-Time Sales Tracking

Stay ahead of the curve with instant visibility into sales progress, enabling timely adjustments to keep your team on track to meet and exceed their targets.

Flexible Target Setting

Leverage real-time data to uncover variances between customer purchases and targets, guiding reps to focus their efforts where it matters most.

Streamlined target management

Effortless Target Setup & Assignment

Tailor your sales targets to align perfectly with your business objectives, all within Numerik's intuitive interface.

Customizable targets

Set and assign targets based on various metrics to align with your overarching business goals, ensuring every member of your team knows exactly what they're aiming for.

Team and individual goals

Assign targets broadly to your entire team or tailor them to individual reps, offering flexibility to drive performance where it's needed most.

Motivation through visibility

Connect Performance to Incentives

Keep your sales team driven and focused by clearly linking their efforts to tangible rewards.

Visible incentives

Allow reps to see the direct correlation between their sales activities, their progress towards targets, and the commissions they stand to earn, fostering a highly motivated and engaged salesforce.

Commission tracking

With real-time updates, reps can monitor their commission earnings, motivating them to push harder and reach further to maximize their rewards.

Greg Allbut, Sheffield Group
Forecasting’s directly linked to sales team incentives. A salesperson can see instantly on their phone what happens to their incentive if a customer orders more. Seeing their incentive dollars ticking up in real time drives salespeople to use forecasting.
Daniel Roberts
Tradelink, National Sales Manager
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– 11 Nov, 2023
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How does Numerik differentiate from traditional CRMs in managing sales targets and forecasts?

Numerik is designed with the sales rep in mind, focusing on actionable, on-the-go sales enhancement, unlike CRMs, which are often more suited to managerial oversight and analysis.

What makes Numerik's forecasts smart?

Our forecasts are generated from a blend of historical performance data and current trends, offering realistic and adaptable insights into future sales outcomes.

How does real-time feedback influence sales results?

Real-time feedback empowers sales teams to adapt swiftly to changing conditions, ensuring they're always aligned with their targets and maximizing opportunities for success.

Can targets be customized for specific needs within Numerik?

Absolutely. Targets can be set for various objectives, from revenue and profit to specific customer engagement goals, offering unparalleled flexibility to drive focused sales efforts. Learn more about setting up targets here.

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