Tradelink's sales revolution with Numerik

Tradelink, Australia's premier plumbing merchant, recognized the need for a sales tool that could match the pace of their constantly moving sales team. Under Daniel Roberts' leadership as the National Sales Manager, an outdated and cumbersome CRM system was identified as a major hurdle in achieving sales efficiency and team engagement.

challenges & needs

Understanding the core challenges facing the CRM conundrum.

When Daniel Roberts assumed the role of National Sales Manager at Tradelink, he encountered a CRM system that was more of an obstacle than an asset to the sales team.

"It was clunky and slow and didn't play well with our other tools... It had a stain on it from the word go," Roberts comments on the initial state of the CRM system.

The resistance from the sales team signaled to Roberts the urgent need for a change—not just in the tools they used but in recognizing and meeting the team's real needs.

Roberts envisioned a solution that would:

Reduce the administrative workload, allowing salespeople to concentrate on their primary role: selling.
Boost conversion rates by implementing more effective sales strategies.
Offer instant access to performance metrics for both individuals and the team as a whole.
Provide sales data that was both timely and relevant, enabling better-informed sales decisions.

solution selection

Choosing Numerik: a strategic decision for sales excellence.

After thorough deliberation and feedback from the sales team, Tradelink opted for Numerik, drawn to its simplicity, flexibility, and sales-centric design.

"Numerik was flexible enough to slice and dice it seamlessly for our needs," says Roberts, highlighting the platform's adaptability and focus on sales enhancement over governance.

Numerik's commitment to understanding Tradelink's workflow and rapidly configuring the platform to their needs was a key factor in their decision.

Tradelink opted for Numerik due to its:

Ease of use, which was critical for encouraging tech-adoption among sales representatives.
Customization options, offering a tailored solution to meet Tradelink's unique requirements.
Sales-focused functionality, ensuring the tool would directly contribute to improving sales outcomes.

implementation strategy

Rolling out Numerik: smooth adoption and immediate impact.

The rollout of Numerik marked a significant turning point for Tradelink's sales team.

"Talk to anyone in our sales team, they'll tell you Numerik’s been one of the best things we've put in," Daniel recalls, noting the stark contrast in adoption compared to the previous CRM.

Numerik's personalized onboarding and continuous support played a crucial role in its swift acceptance by the team, offering a solution that was not only easy to use but also perfectly aligned with their sales processes.

Key features that resonated with the team included:

Real-time forecasting connected to sales incentives, offering a clear view of potential earnings.
Simple yet impactful sales contests that fostered a sense of camaraderie and competition.

outcomes & success

Elevating sales performance with Numerik: a comprehensive victory.

Numerik’s introduction has led to a noticeable improvement in sales performance and team engagement at Tradelink.

As one sales manager emphasized, "If you invest in a new tool, just make it as easy to use as Numerik.

"Our sales team is more engaged and our sales have grown... Numerik has been instrumental in this success," Roberts shares proudly.

The partnership between Tradelink and Numerik has not only solved the initial challenges but has also set a new standard for sales excellence within the organization.

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