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From advanced voice-to-text capabilities that effortlessly capture every critical detail of customer interactions, to dynamic sales activity insights offering a transparent view into how each moment is spent, we’ve reimagined what efficiency looks like in sales.

Achieve your sales goals on-the-go with Numerik
Achieve your sales goals on-the-go with Numerik

Optimize your sales workflow without missing a beat.

In the fast-paced world of sales, every moment counts. Numerik isn't just about reducing time on non-sales activities; it's about revolutionizing your entire sales process for peak performance. Our platform, featuring instant note-taking and seamless CRM integration, empowers your sales force to outpace the competition.

We streamline the mundane and simplify the complex, ensuring every minute spent by your team contributes directly to achieving your sales targets.

Simplified Note-Taking

Numerik reimagines note-taking, integrating effortlessly into your sales reps' workflow. This ensures logging sales notes becomes a seamless, efficient part of your sales process, not a chore.

Maximize Data Collection

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to gather valuable sales data effortlessly.

Reduce Admin Burden

Liberate your sales team from administrative tasks, freeing them up to focus on what truly matters: selling.

Enhanced Oversight

Gain deeper insights into your team's sales activities and customer interactions, empowering your management team to lead more effectively.

Visibility like Never before

Real-Time Sales Activity Insights

Gain an unparalleled view into the daily activities of your sales reps and their engagement with customers, transforming how you understand and optimize your sales strategy.

Comprehensive activity overview

Quickly grasp where efforts are concentrated, optimizing your team's focus and strategy.

Strategic follow-up

Tailor your approach with real-time insights into customer interactions, making every touchpoint more effective.

Hands-free convenience

Voice-to-Text for Sales Notes

With Numerik's voice-to-text, sales reps can capture comprehensive call notes without disrupting their workflow, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Instant note logging

Capture insights instantly, maintaining sales momentum without interruption.

Never lose a detail

Tap into a deeper understanding of your customers' behaviors and preferences with Numerik, crafting pitches that resonate and drive conversions.

Collaboration reimagined

Sales Live-Feed & Instant Messaging

Stay connected and informed with Numerik's live feed and messaging, fostering a culture of collaboration and swift decision-making.

Real-time updates

Keep the team in sync with instant updates, ensuring vital information is always accessible.

Empower teamwork

Encourage collaboration with an interface as intuitive as your favorite social media platform, enhancing team synergy and productivity.

Greg Allbut, Sheffield Group
The engagement at every single level is incredible. Our Managing Director is on Numerik, commenting, giving thumbs up and awarding trophies. You know when the senior leadership team gets involved you’ve got something fantastic.
Robbie Dale
Farmland Foods, National Sales and Marketing Manager
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– 11 Nov, 2023
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How does Numerik integrate with existing CRM systems?

Numerik is designed to seamlessly integrate with leading CRM platforms, ensuring that your sales data is centralized and accessible without disrupting your existing workflows. This integration enables a smoother transition and immediate efficiency gains without the need for extensive setup or training.

Is training required to use Numerik's efficiency tools?

Numerik is built with user-friendliness in mind. While we offer comprehensive training resources, many teams find that the intuitive design and straightforward functionality of our tools allow for a quick and easy adoption process.

How secure is the data logged in Numerik?

Data security is a top priority for Numerik. We employ industry-leading encryption and security practices to ensure that all data logged within our platform is protected against unauthorized access, ensuring your sensitive sales information remains confidential.

How does Numerik improve sales team collaboration?

Numerik fosters collaboration through features like the sales live feed and instant messaging, which encourage sharing and discussion among team members. This real-time communication ensures everyone is aligned and can contribute to strategy and decision-making, regardless of their location.

What impact can we expect on our sales productivity after implementing Numerik?

Teams that implement Numerik often report significant improvements in productivity, including reduced time spent on administrative tasks, more effective sales meetings, and increased deal closure rates. By streamlining workflow and enhancing data accessibility, Numerik empowers your team to focus on selling.

Numerik: The Ultimate Field Sales App for Maximizing Team Productivity & Performance

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