Sales Gap Insights

Unlock the roadmap to your next sale. With Numerik, setting ambitious sales targets becomes the starting point of a journey mapped with precision. Like a GPS for your sales team, we illuminate the path to not just meeting but exceeding those goals by identifying the most efficient routes to close deals.

Achieve your sales goals on-the-go with Numerik
Achieve your sales goals on-the-go with Numerik

Harness the power of a data-driven direction.

Transform insight into action and guide your sales team to unprecedented success.

The differentiation between success and mediocrity often hinges on the precision of your approach. Numerik leverages the power of data to serve as a beacon, directing your sales force toward the next lucrative opportunity. It's not merely about reducing time on tasks but fundamentally transforming your sales strategy for maximum performance.

Strategic Target Setting

Chart the course for your sales team with actionable insights that pave the way for accelerated success.

Identify More Opportunities

Illuminate hidden sales opportunities with pinpoint accuracy, guiding reps to untapped potential.

Maximize Customer Value

Deepen customer relationships and maximize lifetime value through targeted, insightful interactions.

Simplify Upselling & Cross-Selling

Discover the right moments for upselling or cross-selling, making these processes natural and effective.

Directed sales efforts

Direct Your Team with Confidence

Eliminate uncertainty and direct your sales force with confidence towards impactful activities.

Instant strategic insights

Arm your reps with the knowledge of where their next big opportunity lies, ensuring they're always on the right track.

Optimize sales focus

Highlight areas with maximum sales potential or profit margins to make every effort count.

Reveal the Untapped Potential

Uncovering Hidden Opportunities

Cut through the noise and bring to light the opportunities that will truly make a difference.

Actionable sales insights

Surface critical sales opportunities with Numerik’s advanced analytics, bringing valuable insights to the forefront.

Dynamic strategy adjustment

Surface critical sales opportunities with Numerik’s advanced analytics, bringing valuable insights to the forefront.

Stay ahead of the curve

Real-Time Gap Analysis

Stay ahead of the curve by identifying and addressing sales gaps before they impact your bottom line.

Comprehensive performance insights

From team-wide achievements to individual rep metrics, get a detailed view of where to focus next.

Strategic Allocation

Use real-time data to allocate resources more effectively, ensuring the best return on effort.

Confidence in Closing

Empower Your Reps to Win

Armed with in-depth insights, your sales reps can approach negotiations with unmatched confidence.

Knowledge-powered sales strategies

Approach every deal with an arsenal of data that informs strategy and enhances persuasion.

Strategic advantage in deal closing

With deeper insights into customer habits and product performance, your team can navigate sales discussions more effectively.

Greg Allbut, Sheffield Group
The bottom line is, we saw return on investment for Numerik within four weeks because we stopped running all of those other systems, and Numerik cost less to license. So even before you look at the increase in sales Numerik delivered, the tool was beyond cost neutral.
Carl Fowler
Quin Global, Chief Technical, Marketing, and Innovation Officer
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– 11 Nov, 2023
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How do sales gap insights differ from traditional sales reports?

Sales gap insights go beyond traditional reports by dynamically analyzing sales data to highlight not just outcomes, but actionable opportunities and gaps in real-time. Unlike static reports, our insights guide strategic decisions, focusing efforts on areas with the highest impact.

How quickly can our team start seeing benefits from implementing Numerik?

Teams often observe measurable improvements in sales focus and effectiveness within the first few weeks of implementation. The ability to immediately identify and act on sales opportunities leads to enhanced productivity and quicker wins.

In what ways do sales gap insights integrate with our current sales strategies?

Sales gap insights are designed to complement and enhance your existing sales strategies by providing a deeper understanding of where your sales efforts are most needed and most effective. This allows your team to adjust strategies in real-time, aligning closely with evolving market conditions and customer needs.

Are there training resources available to help our team make the most of sales gap insights?

Yes, Numerik provides a suite of training resources, including tutorials and support documentation, to ensure your team can quickly leverage sales gap insights. Additionally, our customer success team is available to assist with personalized training and support.

What kind of data is required to generate sales gap insights, and how is it collected?

Sales gap insights are generated from your existing sales data, including sales activities, customer interactions, and performance metrics. Numerik integrates seamlessly with your existing systems to collect this data automatically, ensuring insights are always based on the latest information.

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