Quin Global's sales success story with Numerik

Quin Global, a leading manufacturer of spray canister adhesive, faced challenges in sales visibility, commission structure, and forecasting before Numerik's intervention. With products spanning various industries, they required a sales tool agile enough to keep up with their dynamic team and provide clear insights into performance and forecasts.

challenges & needs

Navigating through visibility and performance hurdles.

Carl Fowler, at the forefront of Quin Global's technical, marketing, and innovation sectors, identified critical gaps in the sales process.

The team grappled with:

A lack of clear visibility into individual sales performance.
An intricate commission structure that muddled motivation.
The absence of a forward-looking sales forecast to secure board confidence and drive strategic decisions.

Carl envisioned a holistic tool that could streamline operations, clarify commission incentives, and anchor reliable forecasting to empower the sales force.

solution selection

Embracing the ideal sales enhancement tool.

The search for an optimal solution led Quin Global to Numerik, celebrated for its simplicity, effective forecasting capabilities, and fostering team spirit.

Carl shared, "Numerik emerged as the unparalleled choice, revolutionizing our sales culture with its user-friendly interface and insightful forecasting capabilities."

Numerik was chosen for its:

User-friendly experience
Flexible customization
Impactful sales forecasting

implementation & adoption

Seamless integration and enthusiastic adoption.

The deployment of Numerik signified a pivotal transformation in Quin Global's sales management strategy. The process was characterized by detailed support and focused training, particularly beneficial for sales leaders.

Carl emphasized, "The integration was seamless. Training our sales managers was crucial, enabling them to proficiently guide their teams with Numerik."

Key benefits included:

Streamlined sales process
Personalized training sessions
Enhanced sales team management

outcomes & impact

Realizing the benefits of strategic innovation.

The adoption of Numerik at Quin Global marked the beginning of a new chapter in sales performance and operational efficiency.

Carl reflected, "Numerik has been a catalyst for profound change, enhancing our sales strategy and customer service, and consistently helping us surpass our targets."

The transformation was marked by:

A redefined commission structure, aligning with sales team capabilities and reducing operational friction.
A shift in focus towards monetary targets, significantly boosting sales performance.
Improved customer service, with drastic improvements in order fulfillment accuracy.

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