A journey against odds
In 2008, just as we were gaining momentum toward an ambitious two-year sales goal, the Global Financial Crisis erupted, plunging markets worldwide into chaos. The crisis posed an unprecedented challenge, and with the deadline of our goal looming, we found ourselves at a crossroads. The stakes were high: failing to meet our target meant forfeiting substantial bonuses—a critical component of our recent business sale agreement that our families depended on.

This was no ordinary financial incentive; it was a significant part of the transaction that had sold our business. With the specter of the most severe economic downturn since the 1930s bearing down on us, we faced the daunting task of navigating through what seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. The pressure was palpable, and the need for a radical solution became apparent. In response, we doubled down with unyielding determination. Our strategy boiled down to relentless focus and meticulous planning.

We scrutinized every potential source of sales, identifying key accounts and opportunities for new business. questions about targeting, tracking progress, and maximizing revenue became our daily bread. The situation demanded that we leverage every tool at our disposal, yet we found the solution not in sophisticated software but in a direct, data-driven approach.

Twenty months of unwavering dedication followed. In the final week of our challenge, with the deadline bearing down on us, we achieved our goal—exceeding the target by a narrow margin of just 1%. It was a victory by the slimmest of margins, yet a victory nonetheless. Our success was a testament to the power of focus, the importance of data, and the resilience of our team in the face of adversity. In the end, it wasn't about the complexity of the tools we used, but the simplicity of our approach: a laser focus on sales numbers and the drive to see our commitment through, against all odds.

Our mission

We are dedicated to revolutionizing sales performance by empowering sales representatives with the tools they need to excel. We believe in simplifying the sales process, providing reps with actionable data at their fingertips, and enabling them to meet their targets with ease and efficiency.

Our mission is to make sales teams more effective, not through expansion, but through motivation and precision-driven tools.

Our vision


We create tools that empower sales reps to perform at their best, anytime, anywhere.


Our solutions are designed for ease of use, ensuring that sales reps can focus on selling rather than navigating complex software.


We aim to make sales processes more efficient, reducing administrative burdens and focusing on core sales activities.


We aim to make sales processes more efficient, reducing administrative burdens and focusing on core sales activities.


Our goal is to help sales teams exceed their targets, making every interaction and transaction count.

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