Sales Pipelines

Master your sales opportunities with unparalleled clarity and control. Numerik's Pipelines deliver comprehensive visibility into your sales process, making deal management effortless, whether you're in the office or on the move.

Achieve your sales goals on-the-go with Numerik

Seamless deal management anytime, anywhere.

Elevate your sales strategy with Numerik's Pipelines for a complete overview of your sales funnel.

In sales, staying ahead means having instant access to your sales pipeline’s every detail. Numerik's Pipelines offer a streamlined, intuitive platform that allows sales reps to quickly review, update, and advance sales opportunities, ensuring no deal slips through the cracks. Available on both desktop and mobile, Numerik's Pipelines adapt to your working style, providing the flexibility and insight needed to drive your sales forward.

Strategic Target Setting

Chart the course for your sales team with actionable insights that pave the way for accelerated success.

360-Degree Pipeline View

Gain a complete perspective of your sales opportunities, enabling reps to prepare for customer interactions and update deal statuses in real-time, directly from their device of choice.

On-the-Go Deal Management

Numerik Pipelines ensure your sales opportunities are always at your fingertips, providing mobile visibility and control to manage deals and monitor progress wherever you are.

Insightful Sales Opportunities Drilldown

Access detailed information on each deal, including estimated revenue, product details, and visuals, on both mobile and desktop. This in-depth insight allows for precise order planning and a head start on fulfillment.

Forecasting with precision

Enhanced Accuracy for Sales Forecasting

Achieve unmatched forecasting accuracy with detailed insights into each sales opportunity.

In-depth opportunity analysis

Every sales opportunity within Numerik's Pipelines is a window to detailed forecasts, awaiting quotes, and pipeline stages, accessible with just a click.

Data-driven forecasting

Utilize a dedicated column for upcoming sales opportunities in your sales target scorecards, available on desktop, to refine your sales forecasting with real-time data.

Real-time sales insights

Elevate Your Team with Numerik's Real-Time Visibility

Transform how your team tracks performance and makes sales decisions with Numerik's comprehensive sales visibility app.

Mobile sales data access

Give field sales leaders the power to monitor company sales data and rep performance in real-time, from anywhere.

Data-driven decision making

With features like Customer Data Breakdowns, Goal Tracking, Performance Forecasting, and CRM-Synced Social Feeds, Numerik equips your team with the tools to stay motivated, track performance, and make informed sales decisions.

Greg Allbut, Sheffield Group
My dream was to get our sales team running with only three systems. NetSuite as our single source of truth, a CRM, and a tool for forecasting and sales management. And that’s what we have now. We use Pipedrive for our CRM and new business pipeline management, and Numerik for numbers, targets, and commission on sales to existing customers.
Carl Fowler
Quin Global, Chief Technical, Marketing, and Innovation Officer
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– 11 Nov, 2023
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How does Numerik integrate with existing CRM platforms?

Numerik is designed to seamlessly integrate with major CRM platforms, ensuring you can sync your data without disrupting your current workflow. This allows for a unified view of your sales opportunities, enhancing visibility and control without the need for manual data entry.

What makes Numerik's Pipelines different from other sales management tools?

Numerik's Pipelines stand out due to their intuitive design, real-time data accessibility, and mobile-first approach, ensuring sales reps and managers have immediate access to their sales opportunities anywhere, at any time. This focus on mobility, combined with deep integration capabilities and a user-friendly interface, sets Numerik apart in helping sales teams manage their deals more effectively.

How user-friendly is the Pipelines feature for sales reps on the go?

Designed with a mobile-first mindset, Numerik's Pipelines feature boasts an intuitive interface that makes it incredibly user-friendly for sales reps on the go. With just a few taps, reps can view, update, and manage their sales opportunities, making it the perfect tool for busy sales professionals who need to stay agile and informed, no matter where they are.

Can Numerik's Pipelines help in improving team collaboration and communication?

Yes, by providing a real-time view of the sales pipeline and enabling easy updates and notifications, Numerik's Pipelines foster greater transparency and collaboration among team members. Sales reps and managers can quickly share updates, discuss strategies, and make informed decisions together, enhancing team synergy and driving collective success.

How does the Pipelines feature contribute to sales forecasting accuracy?

With Numerik's Pipelines, sales forecasting becomes more accurate thanks to real-time visibility into each sales opportunity, including potential revenue, deal stages, and close probabilities. This detailed insight allows sales teams to make more precise forecasts, adjust strategies promptly, and set realistic, achievable targets.

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