Farmland Foods' journey to elevating sales with a modern touch

Farmland Foods, from humble beginnings as a family butcher shop to a prominent presence in over eight hundred supermarkets across New Zealand, identified a crucial need for an innovative sales tool that matched their dynamic pace. Robbie Dale, National Sales and Marketing Manager, shares his enthusiasm for Numerik, a tool he considers an industry disruptor perfectly tailored to the sales landscape.

challenges & insights

Identifying the need for a revolutionary sales tool.

Robbie highlighted the primary challenges faced by Farmland Foods before Numerik:

A lack of real-time visibility into sales activities and performance.
An outdated CRM system that failed to keep pace with the fast-moving FMCG sector.
The necessity for a tool that provided comprehensive data access on mobile devices.

Farmland Foods sought solutions for:

Enhanced real-time sales visibility
Mobile-friendly sales data access
A comprehensive and intuitive sales tool

deciding on numerik

Selecting Numerik for unmatched speed and flexibility.

The decision to adopt Numerik was driven by its ability to provide instant access to sales data, a user-friendly mobile experience, and innovative features that supported visual and voice data sharing among the sales team.

"Numerik is an absolute gamechanger," Robbie asserts, praising its adaptability and speed that perfectly align with the demands of the FMCG sector.

Numerik stood out for its:

Rapid data access and decision-making tools
Integration with live sales ecosystems
Ability to foster team spirit and engagement

Integration & training

Effortless implementation and comprehensive training.

Farmland Foods experienced a seamless transition to Numerik, with Robbie commending the platform's straightforward integration process and the focused, effective training provided to the sales managers.

"The onboarding with Numerik was one of the most seamless integrations," Robbie reflects, highlighting the importance of proficiently training leaders to ensure the successful adoption of new tools across teams.

Key aspects of the implementation included:

Smooth and timely system integration
Targeted training for sales managers
Responsive adjustments based on team feedback

results & growth

Experiencing transformational sales results and team engagement.

The introduction of Numerik has led to significant improvements in sales performance, team engagement, and customer service for Farmland Foods. The platform's live ecosystem and mobile-first approach have revolutionized the way sales data is accessed and utilized.

Robbie celebrates the comprehensive impact of Numerik, "It's been genuinely transformational," emphasizing the shift towards a more data-driven and collaborative sales process.

Farmland Foods has realized benefits such as:

Increased sales performance and efficiency
Enhanced team engagement and collaboration
Improved customer service and product delivery

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