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How to streamline sales team communication with Posts

Jonathan Hubbard
Jonathan Hubbard
March 1, 2024

Streamlining sales team communication requires concentrated effort, dedication, and the right tools. Unfortunately, improving communication takes time, and in sales, time is a luxury.

In this blog we’ll discuss how you can fast track sales team communication quickly using Numerik’s Posts feature.

What good communication looks like and how to use Posts as a communication tool

What does good communication look like?

What makes communication ‘good’ depends on context. For our purposes, we’ll look at three general concepts critical to good business communication. 

The communication’s core message is easily understandable: 

Core messages can usually be explained with a few sentences: if simple concepts take paragraphs to explain, have a rethink. Try reducing information down to its core message. Your message should be easily understood without using a dictionary or reading an essay! 

Everyone who needs to see or hear the information receives it:

Information is useless if it doesn’t reach the recipient. Ensure you use channels which your recipients are active on. Alternatively, if the information is urgent, reach out to recipients on their preferred channel individually: adapt to what others need/respond to. 

Everyone is receptive to communication:

Being receptive to communication means paying attention to what others are saying: you never know when it might be important or affect the way you operate. Receptive people make efforts to process information and keep an ear to the ground.

What are Posts and how do they help streamline sales team communications?

Numerik’s Posts are a tool for capturing customer information in a social media style which allows for easy sales team communication in a sales context. Using mixed media, reactions, comments, mentions, and the Team Posts feed, app users can communicate with colleagues in one place. For example, if a sales rep wants advice from their manager or colleagues, they can share their  Post to Team Posts, where everyone can view, comment, and react to it with emojis. Additionally, users can use mentions to bring someone new into the conversation, a feature which notifies the mentioned user ensuring they don’t miss out.

Posts can help you streamline your sales team communication because they allow information to be shared flexibly and to the right people. Pictures, video, and audio give sales reps flexibility in how they communicate, rather than confining them to typing. Using mentions, and the Team Posts feed, reps can ensure their communication is being seen by the right people. Additionally, with multiple emoji reactions and comments, it’s easy to engage with your reps’ Posts to give advice and praise.

How to streamline sales team communication using Posts

Based on the three communication concepts, let’s see what you can do to streamline your sales team’s communication using Posts.

Vague or rambling Posts aren’t effective ways to communicate a message. If your reps’ Posts are difficult to understand, or they’re struggling to communicate their message, ask them to simplify what they’re trying to say into one or two ideas. 

Make sure your sales reps know how to get their Posts seen and heard. Using the new mentions feature, any user can tag their colleagues or their manager, who will receive a notification.

Communication isn’t one-way: everyone should make efforts to be receptive and interact with Posts. Build a proactive habit by encouraging sales reps to spend time reviewing the Team Posts feed, reacting, and leaving comments each day. Sales managers particularly could consider making efforts each day to react and comment on sales reps’ Posts to help increase engagement and praise reps for their work. 

Don’t forget that improving communication takes consistent effort. Start gradually by selecting one area for your sales reps, and yourself, to work on for 2 weeks: it may be checking mentions, finding better ways to get messages across, or building a better Post routine.

Summary and your key takeaways:

Streamlining communication within your sales team can be fast tracked if you’re using an engagement focused tool like Posts. Cementing a higher communication standard amongst your sales team with Posts may take time: Healthline says it can take on average 66 days to form a habit. Start building better communication habits with Posts by:

  • Understanding that clear messages, delivered to people who are receptive and need to hear them, are concepts underpinning great communication.
  • Numerik’s Posts are a tool for capturing customer information in a social media style which encourages collaboration and builds sales team engagement. 
  • Encourage your team to streamline their Posts by reminding them to concentrate on the core ideas they’re trying to share or record. 
  • Make sure everyone understands how to use mentions, so everyone can get the message when needed.
  • Set aside time each day to review mentions and the Team Posts feed. 

If you’d like to hear more about how Posts can help your sales team, you might like to check out this blog on how Posts increase sales rep engagement.

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