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How Numerik's Posts feature enhances sales engagement

Jonathan Hubbard
Jonathan Hubbard
March 1, 2024

Sales engagement is a measure of a salesperson’s commitment to their work and their company. If you want to maintain a hard-working healthy sales team, you’ll need sales engagement: without it, you’ll be holding more exit interviews than ever before.

In this blog, we’ll explore why Numerik’s Posts feature can dramatically enhance a sales team’s sales engagement, with discussion from the Numerik team and our users.

What are Posts and why do they enhance sales engagement?

Posts are a social media style feature which allow salespeople to capture notes, videos, audio, and pictures, save them as notes against customers, and share that content into a team feed. What this creates is a melting pot, combining rep-friendly CRM customer notes taking and a WhatsApp or Slack sales chat: business productivity meets social culture. The biggest difference? Posts are free from the chore ingrained in CRM note taking and keeps the conversation within a sales context where critical sales data is literally one tap away.

Celebrate your salespeoples’ wins

According to Mike Stokes, CEO at sales leadership organization Indicator, giving salespeople the right amount of praise is a simple way to nurture sales engagement. For episode 2 of SalesHitch, Mike explained that sales managers shouldn’t wait to give praise for big achievements: small wins should be praised too. The ideal praise to corrective feedback ratio should be 5:1, a frequency which shows salespeople you care about the work they’re doing, and have their backs. 

If you’re struggling to find ways to naturally give praise or interact with your salespeople, Posts could be your solution. A core principle of Posts is making celebration easy. 

posts in numerik help sales engagement

When salespeople share a win, no matter how small, a sales manager can instantly give praise: reacting with emojis, or writing a quick encouraging comment. Unlike your Slack chat, salespeople don’t have to scroll back for miles to find that win or praise, with each post saved under a certain customer, all communication is kept in one place.

Note taking and socializing in one place

It’s one of sales’ most unrelenting problems: getting salespeople to upload customer notes into the CRM. For most salespeople, uploading notes is a boring time-sink, nothing more than a tick-box exercise with little productive value. Consequently, CRMs create disengagement: there’s nothing more demoralizing than spending 30 mins at the end of your day retyping notes knowing no-one will read them.

sample post

Posts aren’t just a tool for celebration, they’re a customer notes record, a space for salespeople to record visits, opportunities, tasks, customer information, and anything else they’d like. Each Post is created against a customer, allowing a salesperson to view a complete customer notes history whenever they’re looking through a customer’s sales data.

Unlike your CRM, Posts are made to make note taking quick, flexible, and engaging. Salespeople aren’t limited to retyping their notes: if they’d prefer to take a picture or screenshot of their notes, record an audio clip, or take a short video, they can.

Everyone has a voice, even the CEO 

It’s easy to become disengaged if you’re feeling isolated from the rest of your company, particularly its leadership. In 2022, Indicator found that the number one reason salespeople stay in their roles is their love of the company. If you’re feeling as though company culture is beginning to impact your team’s engagement at work, it may be the time to introduce a more open and friendly approach to communication.

In Posts, communication isn’t limited to a single sales team: any approved user can read or interact with a post to share their encouragement or support.

Robbie Dale, National Sales and Marketing Manager at Farmland Foods explained that even their CEO gets involved: “The engagement at every single level is incredible. Eddie Davis our Managing Director is on Numerik, commenting, giving thumbs up and awarding trophies. You know when the senior leadership team gets involved you’ve got something fantastic.” 

Summary and your key takeaways:

Sales engagement isn’t easy to generate or sustain. However, with new sales tools being released every year, and several companies being technologically behind, now is a great time to discover a tool which could make building sales engagement easier. In summary, Posts help enhance sales engagement by:

  1. Giving sales managers a quick and easy way to praise their salespeople.
  2. Taking the strain out of note taking by giving salespeople an engaging and flexible way to take customer notes.
  3. Helping to improve company culture by facilitating communication between people at all levels in a company.

This blog was inspired by the stories and advice shared by Mike Stokes and Jonathan Hubbard in Episode 2 of SalesHitch. If you’d like to learn more about Mike’s process for building sales engagement in your sales team, you might like this article here.

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