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How does Numerik help sales managers improve sales performance?

Jonathan Hubbard
Jonathan Hubbard
March 1, 2024

In a previous post, we took a closer look at how Numerik brings value to sales reps. However, there’s more to Numerik than admin-free notes, ease of use, and live commissions. In this article, we’ll take a look at 3 more Numerik features, and see how they give value to sales managers and the wider sales team. 

Value for managers and wider sales team: custom targets, sales gaps, and auto-reports

Tailor your sales strategy to each rep: customizable sales targets

Sales performance has started dropping: your sales reps explain that their targets are unrealistic, difficult to access, and that they’re struggling to plot their course. Left too long, these issues will solidify into long term performance problems, and higher management may intervene.

Being able to tailor sales targets specifically to the individual rep, have them accessible at a moment's notice, and have a live-updating sales forecast can give you and your sales team the visibility and clarity needed to regain sales performance.

“I get a forecast from my managers twice a month. That used to be an arduous task, where they’d have to pore through data and chase their team. Now it’s easy for the sales managers to do forecasting because their sales team are live forecasting on a daily basis.” Daniel Roberts, Tradelink

With Numerik, you can create custom sales targets and use live-updating sales forecasts to set reps on the right path straight from your phone. To account for each individual’s different capabilities, you can set specific sales targets, and change these on-the-fly as sales performance improves. And with live updating sales forecasts, you can always be sure that your team knows where they’re headed, with the forecast itself able to be adjusted by each rep as they anticipate a deal.

Boost sales performance will sales gap insights

It’s the end of Q2 and each rep is over $5k behind their sales target. Unless they can find extra sales, they’ll all miss their targets, growth will stagnate, and you’ll have higher management knocking on your door.

Showing reps how to identify potential deals in sales data can help you boost sales performance and dodge a missed target. However, if you can’t find these easy wins quickly, it’ll be a waste of time.

By drilling into existing customers’ sales data, sales managers and reps can quickly find a hidden sales gap. Perhaps your top automotive parts buyer is $500 behind the pace on oil filters compared to last year:why is that? These sales gap insights give reps the heads up they need to get in touch with customers and close the deals needed to get them to their sales target.

Get the sales data you need with glanceable reports

Your reps barely use your CRM for data entry, and you need a sales report compiled ASAP. Without the sales data, you’ll be spending another evening combing through hastily typed notes to piece together your team’s sales performance.

Sales reports may not be critical for an individual rep’s day-to-day, but they help sales managers make better decisions and coach their team. Above all, reports remove the mysteries behind a sales team’s sales performance and customer spend.

Automatic mobile reports in Numerik collate sales data to give you bite size, customizable sales reports whenever you need them. Reports can be configured to share sales team progress, outstanding quotes, revenue and GP, and customer performance. Additionally, reports can be set up to send daily, helping you build a clearer picture of sales performance and as an early warning system when performance starts to drop.  


Rep specific sales targets, live updating sales forecasts, sales gap insights, and mobile sales reports can all help you and your team get a better understanding of your sales performance. If you’re curious to see how Numerik works in practice, get in touch with us here to book a live demo.

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