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How to make sales targets drive performance

Jonathan Hubbard
Jonathan Hubbard
March 1, 2024

Ambitious sales targets motivate teams, but without proper tools and visibility, those targets remain unmet. Numerik enables sales teams to close more deals by directing rep focus and effort.

Make targets accessible and actionable

Like a scoreboard in sports, sales targets should keep reps engaged by spotlighting their progress. But if targets live in hard-to-reach reports, their impact is muted.

Consider if your sales targets are:

  • Mobile-accessible for today's on-the-go reps
  • Streamlined to highlight only crucial data
  • Frequently updated to drive timely decisions

Highlight progress

Targets should also demonstrate trends over time. Compare current metrics versus past performance and break down progress by rep, product line and other factors to share and propagate best practices.

Make it visual

Dashboards and visualizations allow faster information processing than walls of numbers. Tailor visual target displays to your data for quicker pattern recognition.

Automate monitoring

Don’t force manual scrutiny of targets. Use automated emails and in-app alerts to notify reps of significant target changes.

The Numerik advantage

Unlike CRMs designed for managers, Numerik is purpose-built to align rep workflows to targets. Its intuitive and mobile-optimized interface provides constant visibility into target attainment status.

Numerik streamlines entering call notes, logging meetings and updating forecasts while linking all activities back to targets. Automatic alerts highlight at-risk targets, encouraging effort redirection. And leaderboards inject friendly competition.

Behind its simple interface, Numerik leverages a lightning-fast real-time analytics engine to crunch the numbers. Key features include:

Real-time tracking – Numerik connects to data sources like CRMs to import and calculate the latest sales data on-the-fly. Targets and forecasts update automatically without manual intervention.

Flexible target setting – Set targets based on revenue, profit, sales volume, activities and more. Apply at organization, team, manager or individual levels with powerful drill-down analysis.

Gamification – Leaderboards, achievement badges and friendly alerts make target progression social and build team camaraderie.

CRM agnostic – Integrate data from multiple CRMs or other databases without migration. Custom APIs available for non-standard data sources.

White label option – Hide Numerik branding and customize colors to embed targets seamlessly into your sales ecosystem.

By making sales targets visible, useful and proactive, they become a dynamic guide rather than a static measurement tool. Targets that compel action on a daily basis drive higher performance.

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