Target Cards

Visualize your path to sales success.

Looking for a way to make sales targets clear and manageable for every rep?

Break down company-wide objectives into individual rep targets for focused efforts.

Monitor real-time progress towards targets, keeping sales reps informed and motivated.

Visualize how each customer contributes to overall targets, optimizing sales strategies.

Target Cards make achieving sales targets transparent and achievable.

Provide sales reps with a clear and visual representation of their goals and progress.

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Personalize targets to align rep efforts with company goals.

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Keep reps engaged with real-time updates on their target achievement.

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Highlight customer contributions to targets, guiding strategic efforts.

Compliment your strategy with these related features

Set Targets by Rep

Ensure each rep’s target card is aligned with their personalized goals, making each objective clear and attainable.


Link achievement on target cards to specific incentives, directly motivating reps to meet and exceed their set targets.
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