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Why sales managers need tools for sales gap analysis

Jonathan Hubbard
Jonathan Hubbard
March 1, 2024

Agility and insight are paramount in the sales world. In this fast-paced environment, competition is everywhere, and sales managers simply can't afford to spend valuable time building analysis reports or constantly refreshing BI tools to stay up-to-date. Hiring additional personnel isn't always the solution either. 

The problem with manual sales gap analysis reports

According to the Korn Ferry 2020 Sales Management Study, managers spend over twice as much time on administration and forecasting (34.1%) versus coaching team strategy (14.2%). This alarming imbalance indicates that sales leadership gets overwhelmed adjusting forecasts, appeasing executives and managing expectations—leaving little bandwidth to guide teams, identify gaps and seize opportunities.

34.1% of a sales manager's time is spent on administration and forecasting

For a CRM to be effective, it must prioritize its role as a sales tool above all else. Salespeople should see the CRM as a tool that enhances their selling capabilities, not just an administrative tool for generating reports. Unfortunately, many CRMs lean toward the administrative side. 

The better solution for sales managers sales gap analysis reporting

This is where real-time sales apps like Numerik come into play, offering on-demand sales insights that are tailored to provide sales managers with the essential information they need to identify and address sales gaps.

Remember that feeling when a one-hour meeting gets cut short, giving you extra time? Well, that's the sensation you'll experience with Numerik. We save you the hours you'd typically spend creating reports so you can use that time to analyze them and take action. 

For sales managers, Numerik delivers a comprehensive perspective into territory performance without demanding manual analysis. Team metrics automatically populate customizable dashboards alongside granular data filtering to isolate specific shortcomings. Issues surface early enough to develop and deploy swift strategic adjustments.

For field reps, the mobile-optimized interface facilitates rapid opportunity diagnoses while directly engaging customers. Reps can instantly view customer revenue contributions, buying trends and sales activity pacing to construct consultative talking points that advance deals. No waiting around for updated reports—data streams continuously to feed dynamic selling strategies with maximal convenience.

For instance, in this article, we emphasize the importance of providing field sales reps with tools that can identify gaps, allowing them to drill down or segment data while on the move. This enables them to quickly identify where their revenue falls short, why it's happening, and address the issue in real-time. Easy-to-reference charts provide instant access to this valuable information.

Numerik provides dependable precision and facilitates informed decisions on the spot. Whether you're optimizing team-level objectives or supporting individual reps, Numerik offers a comprehensive real-time perspective. This transformative capability delivers the reliability and immediacy that are now essential in sales, where perfectly-timed execution can make or break deals.

Key benefits of using Numerik:

  • Instant customer insights: Continuously updated customer data fuels dynamic strategies.
  • Continuous data analysis: Make decisions backed by the latest analytics.
  • Opportunistic timing: Recognize and seize sales opportunities as they arise.
  • Comprehensive gap identification: Quickly pinpoint shortcomings in real-time and make necessary adjustments.

Why should sales managers rely on tools for sales gap analysis?

Numerik doesn't aim to replace CRMs but rather to complement them. We provide unparalleled real-time visibility into deals and goals while seamlessly integrating with CRM data. This empowers sales reps with actionable insights they can immediately use to achieve their targets.

Incorporating user-friendly tools like Numerik is the key to streamlining sales gap analysis, helping sales managers and reps work smarter, not harder. Request a demo to see how Numerik can transform your sales processes and elevate your team's performance. Enhance your sales gap analysis with Numerik today!

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