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Enabling field sales success: instant mobile access to product-level sales data

Jonathan Hubbard
Jonathan Hubbard
March 1, 2024

We live in a hyper-connected world where access to real-time sales information is now an expectation for field sales teams looking to enable success. Forward-thinking sales leaders are applying this always-on mentality to empower field representatives with mobile access to up-to-the-minute customer analytics, granular product availability details, and invoice data.

Equipping sales reps with a stream of real-time sales information keeps them tuned in to the priorities, trends, and performance benchmarks that ultimately translate into higher sales velocity and win rates over both the short and long term.

Overcoming delayed data access

The challenge many field sales teams face is restrictive bottlenecks getting access to vital product-level sales details housed in central CRM and ERP systems when out of the office. Manual processes like expecting sales reps to piece together reports and sales information back at their desk is incompatible with the on-the-go reality of field sales.

Even brief delays directly dampen reps’ ability to capitalize on sales opportunities in live customer interactions. Without instant access to product specs, availability, pricing, and order history details at their fingertips, sales reps lack the confidence and specifics needed to have business-advancing conversations in the moment.

The negative ripples of this delayed access to sales information impacts organizations in multiple ways:

  • Missed opportunities – Out of sync with latest data, sales reps miss chances to upsell or cross-sell.
  • Weaker relationships – Unable to reference particulars, conversations lack relevance with key decision makers.
  • Lower win rates – Gaps in product details leads to losing more deals.
  • Administrative backlog – Post-meeting admin tasks pile up for sales managers.

Equipping sales teams with real-time access to product-level sales data is a key part of an organization's overall sales enablement strategy and technology stack. The right tools integrate with existing systems while making information easily searchable for sales reps out in the field.

The power of real-time sales information via mobile

Purpose-built to streamline field access to vital sales details, platforms like Numerik deliver real-time data from CRM and ERP systems directly to each rep’s mobile and desktop devices. Whether out meeting clients, giving demos, or planning their next actions, field teams are equipped to access the latest sales, invoice details, and more on the fly.

With real-time mobile sales analytics at their fingertips, field reps and managers gain advantages including:

  • Confident conversations – Details readily accessible to address prospect questions/concerns.
  • Relevant discussions – Can reference specifics like order trends to personalize talks with decision makers
  • Increased sales velocity – Data-backed recommendations provided promptly help shorten sales cycles.
  • Improved sales productivity – Meeting notes and critical tasks are logged in real-time to fuel workflows

With Numerik, the insights you can gather right at your fingertips are endless. For example, sales reps can check sales dashboards whenever needed and gauge progress. This view gives an instant overview of customer sales data compared to targets.

Instant data access to which customers are behind last years revenue
Get an instant overview of customer sales data compared to targets. Green indicates accounts exceeding last year, red flags are those who are behind.

From there, the user can also drill into product performance details as easily as clicking into the product lines to analyze historical trends while on-the-go, planning their day, or during customer strategy meetings

Product information instantly available for sales enablement during customer conversations
Drill into product performance details during customer meetings, as shown below which is as easy as clicking into the product lines to analyze historical performance.

Get your field teams tuned into real-time sales data streams

By providing instant mobile access to real-time sales information, leading organizations are enabling profound performance lift for field teams. The sales velocity and productivity gains speak for themselves when reps are armed with up-to-the-minute data to have relevant, high-value conversations.

Ready to equip your sales reps with real-time access to the product details needed to advance deals in the field? Request a Numerik demo today to experience the benefits of true sales enablement firsthand.

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