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Why voice-to-text is the future of taking sales notes

Jonathan Hubbard
Jonathan Hubbard
March 1, 2024

Accurate sales tracking requires many types of data, especially sales notes. However, this doesn’t mean your reps, who are too busy to see value in the task, enjoy making those notes. 

Enter: voice-to-text, a rep-friendly technology that makes sales note taking easy, fast, and flexible. The days of janky software with constant typos and completely incorrect transcriptions are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Still not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why voice-to-text is the way to go…and a bonus best practice demonstration video!

Streamlining your reps workflow

Speed: 7 times faster than writing

Your rep has two back to back meetings and is hotfooting it to their next new range presentation. Thoughts swirl in their mind, but there’s no time to write them down…and now, they’re gone.

In a time-crunch situation, your rep can use voice-to-text to quickly create a customer note, before they forget. Since our speech is up to 7 times faster than typing, voice-to-text can be a very powerful tool for making sales notes. Crucially, today’s voice-to-text keyboards are faster and more accurate, meaning reps won’t have to stop and waste time repeating themselves when their keyboard bugs out.

Flexible: take sales notes wherever, whenever.

Reps are on-the-go, on-the-road people, unable to stop, sit, and catalog sales notes. It’s for this reason many reps struggle with CRMs- and why note-taking frustrates them. 

With voice-to-text, a rep can make a note whenever and wherever a thought crosses their mind; on the train, in the car, at the office, on their morning walk! It’s a spontaneous, simple tool which doesn’t clash with their lifestyle, designed for mobile, and can be especially useful if your reps already use a sales tracking app.  

A natural fit: sales reps love talking!

Reps are outgoing communicators who find talking effortless; it’s just part of the job. Typing up sales tracking data, writing down sales notes- aren’t tasks which play to a rep’s strengths. 

To foster motivation, it’s important to understand the strengths of your team to help make their workflow more efficient. Encouraging reps to use voice-to-text as a replacement method for written data entry could help increase motivation; particularly given accent and dialect recognition has drastically improved in the last decade.

See it in action: 3 tips for using voice-to-text

Quicker, more accurate, mobile optimized, and with greater nuance, voice-to-text is a modern tool which can streamline a rep’s workflow. However, reps aren’t the only people who benefit from a simpler routine, which is why it’s important for managers to have a simple and effective sales tracking app. Learn more about using voice-to-text with a streamlined sales performance app; watch this space for more sales note tools coming this quarter.

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