Effortlessly capture meeting insights.

Tired of losing insights from customer meetings because of unadopted note-taking in your CRM?

Transform spoken dialogue into written notes with our voice-to-text feature.

Tag notes with actionable next steps, keeping your sales process efficient.

Build detailed records of customer interactions, enhancing your sales strategy.

Voice-to-Text ensures no insight is ever missed.

Simplify capturing meeting details and enhance customer relationship management by turning conversations into actionable data directly in Numerik.

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Say goodbye to missed opportunities due to forgotten or unrecorded information.

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Organize your sales activities with tagged notes for clearer, more effective planning.

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Utilize comprehensive interaction histories to tailor your sales approach for better outcomes.

Compliment your strategy with these related features

Activity Reports

Keep track of all voice-to-text entries in an organized, social feed-style report, enhancing team communication and collaboration.

Live Feed

Share insights and notes captured through voice-to-text instantly with the team, keeping everyone updated in real time.
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