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Jonathan Hubbard
Jonathan Hubbard
March 4, 2024

The maxim "time is money" resonates with unparalleled clarity in the sales domain, where every moment is a stride towards success or a missed opportunity. This blog series has taken us through a journey with Numerik, showcasing its transformative capabilities—from granting instant access to pivotal customer data to analyzing buying group behavior and streamlining the sales preparation process. These tools have been instrumental in fostering rapid, informed decision-making among sales reps.

As we conclude our exploration, we focus on Numerik's adeptness at uncovering unmet customer needs—products they haven't bought but should consider to reach their full purchasing potential. This final discussion isn't merely about amplifying sales figures; it's a deeper dive into how strategic, data-informed interactions can fortify customer relationships, echoing the core message of our series: the power of real-time data to catalyze action and spur revenue growth.

Identifying key products for customers

The strategy of selling more products to existing customers and new products to new customers is a cornerstone of sales. Numerik crystallizes this strategy by highlighting, within seconds, who your top customers are and what they need to purchase to reach their benchmark. This isn't about making a sales call to check in; it's about having a defendable reason for recommending specific products, backed by solid data.

Imagine a field sales rep working with hardware stores in the Pacific Northwest. During a sales meeting, Numerik's dashboards reveal that one of the stores is lagging behind in purchasing outdoor power equipment compared to similar stores in the area. The rep can quickly identify the specific products the store needs to stock to meet the benchmark, such as lawn mowers, trimmers, and leaf blowers. Armed with this data-driven recommendation, the rep can confidently present a targeted product list and address any objections by comparing the store's performance to its peers.

Quick insights with Numerik

Numerik’s customer dashboards revolutionize how sales reps prepare for meetings. Unlike traditional CRM and ERP systems that can be cumbersome and time-consuming, Numerik syncs with the CRM, ERP, and BI systems in real-time to present a comprehensive view of the customer's account in just two seconds. This efficiency allows reps more time to understand the account, develop their strategy, and focus on selling.

For instance, if a customer is lagging in purchasing outdoor product groups by 8% for a total of $16,000, Numerik not only highlights this gap but also drills down to show the specific products and quanyity needed to reach the benchmark. This level of detail, from overall spending to specific product groups, equips reps with the information needed to tailor their sales approach effectively.

While many sales tools can track customer purchases, Numerik's ability to identify specific product gaps and benchmark comparisons within seconds is a significant advantage. This level of real-time, actionable data empowers field reps to have more productive and focused sales conversations, ultimately driving revenue growth for both the customer and the company.

Preparing for common objections

One of the unique strengths of Numerik is its ability to prepare reps for typical customer objections. Whether it's a customer unaware of industry trends or skeptical about the need for certain products, Numerik’s dashboards provide real-time data to counter these objections. By showing how a customer's purchasing behavior compares to their peers or highlighting the popularity of certain products within the industry, reps can convincingly argue the need for specific orders.

Traditionally, identifying product gaps and benchmarking customers against industry standards would require extensive manual research and analysis, which can be time-consuming and prone to inaccuracies. Numerik streamlines this process by providing field reps with instant access to this critical data, enabling them to focus their efforts on developing effective sales strategies and delivering tailored recommendations to customers. This data-driven approach not only saves time but also increases the credibility and impact of the rep's recommendations.

Overcoming objections with Numerik

Numerik transforms sales calls and face-to-face meetings by providing reps with a complete picture of data in two seconds, enabling them to drive action and accelerate revenue. The platform’s ability to switch to a customer view mode allows reps to present buying behavior without revealing margin information. This visual presentation of data not only supports the rep’s recommendations but also positions them as strategic partners rather than mere salespeople. For more information on how to present your argument, make sure to read our previous blog post in this series, where we discuss how to present your data to facilitate clear, focused discussions.

Series recap and conclusion

Throughout this series, we've explored how Numerik's innovative features contribute to a rep's success by enabling quick, data-driven decision-making. From preparing for sales calls in record time to understanding customer buying behavior and effectively addressing common objections, Numerik offers a comprehensive toolkit for the modern field sales rep. The importance of integrating popular sales strategies, such as focusing on increasing the share of wallet through strategic product recommendations, has been a recurring theme. Numerik supports this strategy by providing actionable insights into what customers are buying and what they should be buying to meet their benchmarks.

In conclusion, Numerik is not just a tool but a strategic partner in the sales process. By harnessing the power of real-time data and actionable insights, field sales reps can optimize their strategies, build stronger customer relationships, and drive success in an increasingly competitive market. This blog series has aimed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies to become a more efficient, data-driven, and successful field sales rep, leveraging Numerik's capabilities to drive action and accelerate revenue growth.

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