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Win sales conversations with data-driven buying behavior insights

Jonathan Hubbard
Jonathan Hubbard
March 4, 2024

Navigating the nuanced world of sales requires more than just persistence and charisma; it demands a deep well of knowledge. This truth holds for both sides of the sales equation—the representative and the customer.

Highlighted in our series, the role of immediate data access stands out as a critical tool for field sales professionals, enabling them to cut through the noise with precision and insight. Numerik is at the forefront of this evolution, transforming client interactions with its advanced customer dashboards that offer an insightful look into buying behaviors and group dynamics. This installment of our blog series delves into why grasping customer purchasing habits is pivotal, how Numerik's innovative dashboards unlock these insights, and the significant role this knowledge plays in cementing a sales rep's credibility and fostering enduring customer relationships.

Understanding customer buying behavior

Why should customers care about their buying behavior? The answer lies in comparison and competition. For independent customers, knowing how they stack up against others offers a unique perspective on their market position. It highlights opportunities for growth and areas requiring attention. Similarly, for those part of a chain, comparisons with peers in nearby locations can uncover discrepancies in product offerings or marketing strategies that, if addressed, could significantly boost sales.

Numerik’s platform excels in revealing these insights, enabling sales reps to guide their customers towards more strategic purchasing decisions. By showing how a customer's spending aligns with their customer group, Numerik uncovers blind spots and focuses areas for discussion in sales meetings. Whether it’s identifying products a customer is over or under-indexing on, Numerik provides a solid data foundation for sales strategies.

Numerik’s Customer Dashboards

At the heart of Numerik’s innovation are its customer dashboards, which present buying group behavior in an accessible and actionable format. Within two seconds, a sales rep can grasp a customer's position relative to their peers, equipped with margin information, pipeline opportunities, and comparative product suggestions. This rapid access to data is crucial for preparing effective sales strategies on the fly.

The dashboards drill down into specifics, showing not just which products a customer should stock but also the exact quantity needed to align with their buying group. This level of detail transforms sales meetings from generic product pitches to strategic discussions focused on tangible data.

Building trust and authority

Consider a field sales rep working with plumbing supply companies. During a sales call, a customer may express skepticism about stocking a particular product line, citing low demand in their area. However, with Numerik's customer dashboards, the rep can quickly pull up data showing how the customer's buying behavior compares to similar businesses in their buying group. If the data reveals that the customer is under-indexing on that product line compared to their peers, the rep can use this information to demonstrate the potential demand and justify the recommendation, backed by solid data.

Sharing this information with customers does more than just inform; it builds trust and establishes the sales rep as a knowledgeable authority in their field. With real-time data to back up claims, sales reps can confidently address customer objections and recommend product orders that align with group buying behavior. This approach shifts the narrative from a sales pitch to a strategic consultation, offering insights customers may lack without the sales rep's intervention.

While many sales tools provide basic customer data, Numerik's ability to present buying group behavior in a clear, visual format is a unique advantage. This level of granular data empowers field reps to have more informed and persuasive conversations with customers, addressing potential objections with real-time industry insights.

Traditionally, field sales reps would rely heavily on their knowledge of the industry and personal experiences to counter customer objections. However, with Numerik's data-driven insights into buying group behavior, reps can now back up their recommendations with concrete evidence. This shifts the conversation from a subjective debate to a data-driven consultation, positioning the rep as a trusted advisor who can provide valuable guidance based on industry trends and best practices.

Tips for presenting data

When it comes to leveraging this data in conversations, preparation is key. Sales reps can either pre-analyze the data to craft a tailored sales pitch or use Numerik’s app to dynamically access information during discussions. The platform includes a customer view mode, which focuses solely on buying group behavior, excluding margin reporting to facilitate clear, focused discussions.

Here are a few tips for effectively presenting this data:

  • Start with insights: Begin your conversation by sharing insights into how the customer compares to their buying group. This sets the stage for a strategic discussion.
  • Focus on opportunities: Highlight specific areas where the customer can improve or capitalize on their market position.
  • Use visuals: Whenever possible, use the dashboard’s visual representations to make your points clearer and more impactful.
  • Be consultative: Approach the conversation as a consultant, not just a salesperson. Offer solutions and strategies, not just products.


By harnessing the power of Numerik's customer dashboards, sales reps can transform their approach to customer meetings. This tool not only enhances the sales rep's ability to prepare and present compelling arguments but also empowers customers to make informed purchasing decisions. In the competitive landscape of sales, providing customers with insights into their buying group behavior is a game-changer, fostering stronger relationships and driving mutual success.

As we'll explore in the next blog post, Numerik's ability to swiftly identify key products customers need to meet their benchmarks is another powerful tool for field reps to drive action and accelerate revenue. By leveraging real-time data and actionable insights throughout the sales process, from preparation to customer meetings and product recommendations, field reps can become more efficient, data-driven, and successful in their roles.

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