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3 actionable strategies to maximize your CRM data analytics

Jonathan Hubbard
Jonathan Hubbard
March 1, 2024

Running a successful sales operation involves selecting, implementing, and managing a CRM system. It's an essential tool for achieving sales targets. However, the challenge lies in the continuous monitoring of your CRM, data analytics, and team tracking. To simplify CRM data analysis, we've identified three actionable strategies to streamline your processes and enhance forecasting.

Effective CRM data analysis begins with visualization. It allows you to identify trends, patterns, and relationships within your data, making complex information more accessible. Here are some key methods for visualizing CRM data:

  • Dashboards and scorecards: Visualize key performance metrics on easy-to-read dashboards.
  • Data visualization tools: Leverage specialized tools for graphically representing data.
  • Trend analysis charts: Track trends over time to make informed decisions.
  • Segmentation Visualization: Divide your data into segments for deeper insights.
  • Funnel visualization: Understand the sales funnel stages to optimize conversions.

Numerik simplifies this process by seamlessly connecting with your CRM and ERP solutions in real-time. You gain instant access to a range of sales dashboards, enabling you to understand your sales team's performance and plan accordingly. This eliminates the need for manual data retrieval and analysis, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Automation is a game-changer in CRM data analysis. It streamlines processes, boosts efficiency, and delivers real-time insights. Consider the following ways to automate data analysis using CRM data:

  • Automated reporting: Receive automated reports without manual intervention.
  • AI-powered analytics: Utilize AI algorithms for predictive insights.
  • Workflow automation: Set up automated workflows for data processing.
  • Integration with BI tools: Seamlessly integrate with Business Intelligence tools.
  • Data cleansing and enrichment automation: Keep your data clean and up-to-date.

Numerik was designed by sales professionals for sales professionals. Our solution syncs with your CRM to provide instant reports, eliminating the need for additional configurations or BI tool updates. It's all about simplicity and efficiency, allowing you to focus on sales rather than data management.

Take Tradelink, for example, Australia's oldest plumbing merchant. Daniel Roberts became national sales manager at Tradelink in 2014. He says, “When I started, we had some pretty inefficient tools. We were using this CRM we’d built internally. It probably had some decent functionality, but it was clunky and slow and didn't play well with our other tools. It was the exact opposite of what I look for in a sales tool.”

They implemented Numerik and experienced a significant shift in their daily operations, particularly in sales forecasting. What was once a time-consuming task has become effortless with live forecasting, thanks to Numerik. “I get a forecast from my managers twice a month. That used to be an arduous task, where they’d have to pore through data and chase their team. Now it’s easy for the sales managers to do forecasting because their sales team are live forecasting on a daily basis. And you know, sales guys hate detail, so that shows just how easy Numerik is to use.”

Keeping your CRM data analysis fresh is vital. Be open to new ways of looking at data. Numerik values user feedback and continually improves its solution. With a standalone CRM, you're limited to your team's ideas for custom dashboards. In contrast, Numerik provides a global collaboration platform where sales best practices are shared.

Every software update means you're enhancing your data analysis process and gaining new insights backed by thousands of sales reps worldwide.

In conclusion, you can simplify your CRM data analysis by using tools like Numerik. Our sales analytics solution connects to your CRM to instantly visualize performance trends, enforces governance policies to sustain data quality and constantly evolves based on collective feedback from customer bases worldwide. Hands-off automation empowers revenue leaders to spend time acting on insights, not just assembling them.

Book a personalized demo today to explore how purpose-built sales analytics from Numerik drives faster pipeline visibility, forecast accuracy and quota attainment without added workload. It’s time to graduate from CRM reporting to real revenue growth.

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