Live Feed

Stay updated with real-time sales insights.

Want to keep your finger on the pulse of your sales team's activities?

Access a continuous stream of sales updates, keeping the team connected with the latest information.

Foster a collaborative environment with an interactive platform for sharing successes and strategies.

Enhance team transparency and collective achievement with a live update feed.

Live Feed keeps everyone in the loop, offering real-time visibility into sales.

Stay updated on activities, wins, and strategic updates, promoting a vibrant and collaborative sales culture.

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Maintain a dynamic overview of sales activities and achievements.

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Share insights and successes in real time, fostering team unity.

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Enhance awareness of individual and team progress with a shared update feed.

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Group Chat

Use the live feed to broadcast achievements and news, and continue the conversation in group chats for deeper engagement and collaboration.

Achievement Alerts

Highlight real-time achievements from the live feed in achievement alerts to recognize and celebrate successes instantly.
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