Drive performance with friendly competition.

How can you use competition to drive sales performance across your team?

Access the leaderboard anytime to see how reps stack against each other in real-time.

Encourage reps to strategize their rise to the top with clear, competitive targets

Initiate challenges within the team to foster ambition and exceed sales targets.

Leaderboards inspire excellence through competition.

Create a dynamic environment where sales reps are motivated to excel and achieve top performance.

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Use real-time standings to motivate reps towards greater achievement.

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Encourage reps to exceed their targets through friendly rivalry.

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Challenge reps to aim higher, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Compliment your strategy with these related features

Achievement Alerts

Automatically notify the team of changes in leaderboard standings, celebrating progress and encouraging continuous improvement.


Align leaderboard rankings with specific incentives to motivate sales reps to climb the ranks and improve their performance.
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