Activity Reports

Enhance engagement with interactive updates

Seeking a more engaging way to review daily sales activities?

Transform activity reporting with a social media-inspired updates feed.

Enable real-time feedback from managers to boost team engagement and performance.

Access summaries of activities at a glance, making performance review efficient and interactive.

Activity Report redefines how sales teams interact with their data.

Turn daily updates into a collaborative and engaging experience that mirrors the interactive nature of social media.

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Foster a lively environment where updates, wins, and insights are shared.

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Allow managers to acknowledge efforts and guide strategy in real time.

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Effortlessly consolidate and analyze team activities, enhancing the strategic planning process.

Compliment your strategy with these related features

Live Feed

Supplement interactive activity reports with real-time updates in the live feed, keeping the team engaged and informed.


Incorporate voice-to-text captured notes into activity reports for a comprehensive overview of sales interactions and outcomes.
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